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It's all about the terrain; not the germ.  Given the proper nutrients, viral pathogens are unable to replicate within the cells of our body.  Zinq Immunity provides a host of such nutrients to create an environment hostile to foreign invaders, two of which are highlighted by the name of the product: zinc and quercetin.  


Zinc, as a stand-alone nutrient, will prevent the viral RNA strand from replicating and proliferating in your cells.  Unfortunately, zinc is not always readily absorbed by cells.  Enter....


Quercetin:  an amazing nutrient on its own with anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogen, and anti-viral properties, quercetin also acts as an ionophore of zinc.  By allowing zinc to be more uniformly absorbed, quercetin plays an integral role in preventing replication of viral RNA and therefore the viruses ability to reproduce and overwhelm the immune system. 

Zinq Immunity

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  • Please take with food, as zinc can cause the stomach to feel mildly upset. 

    As a daily maintenance, one to two pills is sufficient.  If you are feeling worn down, have early cold symptoms, or feel you'll be in an environment where becoming ill is more likely, taking the full dose of three pills (or even four broken up throughout the day), is a safe option as well.  

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