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Necessity is the mother of invention

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

In spring of 2020, I began following Dr. Zelenko’s efforts to treat at risk patients during the early stages of the pandemic. Already being familiar with quinine and the synthetic variants produced from it, I was intrigued by the zinc ionophore status of those substances, and began to research ways to incorporate quinine into a supplement that I could use and provide to friends and family.

Quinine, produce from cinchona bark, would prove to be difficult to source in a way that I could easily quantify and incorporate into an encapsulated product. The search began for another natural ionophore began. Enter: Quercetin.

Already a well established supplement well regarded for immunity, fighting inflammation, reducing sensitivity to allergens, quercetin was the perfect fit for the formula about to be submitted to a qualifying lab for mass production.

A year or so later, I watched an interview with Dr. Z (God rest his soul), in which he discussed reading the same studies I had reviewed in regard to quercetin and zinc ionophores for use in his practice after his ability to prescribe certain pharmaceuticals had been impeded by the state of New York.

Despite some misguided attempts by elected and compromised officials, a solution to viral replication – during an international health event, or just the common cold – has gained traction and is now available to the masses.

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